Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robben İsland

“Today when I look at Robben Island, I see it as a celebration of the struggle and a symbol of the finest qualities of the human spirit, rather than as a monument to the brutal tyranny and oppression of apartheid. It is true that Robben Island was once a place of darkness, but out of that darkness has come a wonderful brightness, a light so powerful that it could not be hidden behind prison walls… '

Nelson Mandela

The Prisoners arrival on Robin İsland
The perimeter Prison Fence
Nelson Mandela's prison Cell
‘ … in my heart I know I was fortunate to have been sent to that place. My life would have been different in so many ways had I not witnessed this desolate island shape the lives of black men.’ - Gaby Magomola

İn this cell a prisoners' pair of rabbit fur lined shoes, organized by another prisoner to help ease his arthritis pains
Salvaged cement bags were instrumental in the education of prisoners on the island, they would fold and tear up these bags to make booklets, with which they could use to study.
This cell had no souvenir or name...
James Ngqondela 1964-1973 and again 1983-1990
Bra Jeff, managed to make a duplicate key of the prison cells
Political Prisoners on the way back to Cape Town
Our departure from Robin İsland

Sunday, April 11, 2010

From all over the show

From Signal Hill
Rainbow over Kalk Bay
The Quarry Road
From the lighthouse at Cape Point
Cape Point
From Quarry road looking over the harbor
The Quarry Entrance
Fisherman at The Strand
Devil's Peak on a foggy mornıng
Enjoying the view
Harbor at Robin İsland
Early mornıng at Signal Hill

Monday, April 5, 2010

To and from Pringle Bay

On the way to Pringle Bay
Fynn wanted the stick
Fynn got the stick
Pringle Bay Beach

Sunset at Strand Beach